soldat rebell priester
and on the last day the beast www appeared and pushed all stars from their tower, from the border to the middle. and even death remained silent in the aeons in which this happened and the universe was brought to a halt and dwindled in the coldest flames since the beginning. and as the last black sun pulled back the bones of all still living into nothingness, the last eye discovered what made all this possible. creator of version .1, garbageman of power-structures, anarchistic anachronism: aleia iacta non iam est.
cold steel dawns through the orient, a roaring warning for the occident, remembering the old times.
ten new stars, six of them always watching the future, one on earth, at the border of memory. but the last three let him run aground at german shores...
rosen from the snowashes of a nuclear winter, the old & blind hierophants in his stranglehold.
he will sweep the pyramids from the face of earth & its history, solely, so the new order will remain forever. he will read out the pnakotic manuscripts which are being wrapped by the snake and he will put the fear of god into symmetry.
he will bring blacklight into every kitchen.
pray, that his god will loose his thread.