existent seit 1997

currently working on field projects like lofi techno minimal electronic & collecting distortion machines

is the name for all projects realised by the single person of David endpunkt & is located in


just released: refuse to say it in german
CD on Radical Artist Foundation

in progress: worst of,
collection of wasted space from 1997 - 2000


purchasable material:
* : refuse to say it in german lplength cd
raf 001 10,-dm

full length mp3 sample of "(i am a) dirty animal" availabe by clicking on right image

click on image for muzak!

click here for larger version of picture

still available: 'le théâtre de la cruaté', 60 minute tape with booklet in plasticbag from 1999. includes hitsong "gehirnessen"...for 5,- DM

in preparation:
* das modell doppell cd
* worst of doppel cd

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the ass of god is a dead end