Fanart for Karl Wills' fantastic strip series,
Jessica of the Schoolyard



Done for Nicolas on the occasion of his 20th birthday. Any similiarities with any persons, living or dead, are purely incidental and haven't been arranged on purpose.


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Soul Cemetary

Many years ago, I began, inspired by the Jivas of Jim Woodring, to bring the essence of people or what I thought would be to paper. The outcomes were mostly confusing and seldom liked by the people whose souls were depicted...


Hunting Time

I made this for paranoianova's journal. I came up with the idea when I was walking a friend's dog. And, yes, I know it looks like a reindeer!


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The - machine

Created because I was sick of always explaining my philosophy of life and defending it. Created out of defiance and frustration, as to speak. Well, if anyone digs it...


Blockhead 1 - Those Days
Seriously, people: I have NO idea. My old latin teacher is still making fun of me because of this...


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Blockhead - short strips / "funnies"

On the occasion of some nonsense the 4 - panels things above were created. Btw: His black-haired mate is called Asthma, inspired by Angina Pectoris, girlfriend of Alka Seltzer in the fantastic comic "Pixy" by Max Andersson. Who doesn't know this artist isn't worth my attention.


Blockhead 2 - Armed Again

Excerpts from "Blockhead 2 - Armed Again", the second part of a series I started because I was stoned. It is still unfinished and should be about 60 pages long when it is.The first 6 pages of the first part are below, the other 27 pages still to come...


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"refuse to say it in german" - cd cover
I don't know why, but at the end of 2000 AD, I had created the covers of endpunkt's cd "refuse to say it in german". Because of creative effusiveness and the mercy of the musician I also designed the back- and inlaycover.


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One of two designs I made for some punkrock-event days here in my hometown. Though I never got to meet the people who used it on their stuff, flyers and stickers, I appreciate they did.